$5 Monetization Consulting

Monetization Consulting

No great startup idea should fail because the founder didn’t think about monetization options early!

Too many startups fall into the trap of “oh, I’ll figure out how to make money later.” Hate to break it to you, but this is one of the big killers of startups. Whether you implement the strategy now or not, it’s imperative that you begin thinking about this as soon as possible!

Why we’re doing this?
We’re ex-Wall Street and corporate analysts who have spent years looking into why businesses are successful and now we’re bringing that expertise to startups. We firmly believe that you’re the one’s who will make this world a better place, not some Fortune 500 company. Because of this, we want to try to help as many of you as possible, and that’s where this consulting comes in.

What do you get?
For $5, we will provide you with 15min of monetization consulting.

What the heck could you possibly get out of 15min?
A lot actually! This is where our experience really comes into play. After learning what you do (or plan to do) we can offer multiple ways to generate income from it.